Omushana, Sunshine for Children is a charity set up by friends in UK and Uganda who share the goal to change the lives of children and contribute to conservation through education, in the areas around the mountain gorilla reserves in South-west Uganda.

The essence of Omushana is to make a positive contribution to children's lives by improving their educational opportunities, welfare, confidence and enjoyment.

We have supported Omushana, for a number of years through various events and fundraising, both through the school and some children on their own initiative.  We have sent exercise books and contributed books for their library.

Ugandan schools were mostly closed during 2020/21 and have only just opened fully again. Some children were allowed in school for a few weeks during the 2 years but many have not had any education since March 2020. 

This had a huge impact  on so many children, particularly as the children had no access to home schooling or the government's resources which were sent out over television, internet and radio - none of which exist in the remote Bwindi area. 

The charity are not currently focussing on sending any more books or equipment.  Their appeal this year is to raise funds if that is at all possible.  Funding is urgently required to run  libraries and promote reading for fun, to support the local village schools and to continue their nutrition programme, especially subsidising healthy school meals at several schools.

Even small amounts of money can make a significant difference:

   £2 can subsidise meals for a pupil for a whole term - ensuring that in addition to a basic breakfast
               and lunch of maize and beans, they will also get regular fish, vegetables and fruit;

   £5 provides a school girl with a pack of washable sanitary pads which will last at least a year;

   £30 will provide a year's bursary for a pupil to go to secondary or vocational college;

   £40 funds a month of librarian's school visits (around 15-20 visits) as well as ensuring schools receive
             their termly box of books (our mobile library service);

   £50 subsidises meals for a whole class for a term also giving them extra nutrition such as
               fish, vegetables and fruit.

   £150 pays a librarian's salary for a term.

If you would like to make a donation, big or small, please send a cheque made payable to Omushana to the school and we will forward it on for you. 



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