Safer Schools

The “Safer School Initiative” is a school security initiative that encompasses personal safety. It was created by West Mercia Police and with the support of the Shropshire County Council Children and Young People’s Services Directorate.

The Initiative is a practical and realistic risk management approach to the security/safety of school staff, pupils, property and the premises. Our school is accredited a “Safer School” and every two years the accreditation is reviewed. No two schools are the same and therefore, it is site-specific to individual schools. The process involves a “Safer School Group” and the Group meet on a regular basis to follow and implement the “Safer School” process. Parents are informed of the Group’s progress through newsletters.

The essential elements of the package are as follows:-

  • Implement basic security measures applicable at all schools i.e. property marking and visitor passes etc.
  • Consider pro-active security/safety measures for the site/building and/or protecting assets.
  • Establish a procedure for recording incidents i.e. anti-social behaviour, vandalism etc. Any recorded information can then be analysed. In addition, the same recording procedure can be used for surveying a problem i.e. an authorised thoroughfare.
  • If there are any projects to be undertaken following the Group’s work, they are prioritised. Following the implementation of a project, the success of it is reviewed.
  • Education of pupils as per the “Safer School” pack. 

Safer School Policy Statement   

Safer School Certificate

Should you have any particular views/concerns, please forward them in writing so that they may be considered at the next meeting of the Safer School Group.


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