Arthog 2019

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We’ve arrived safely and all children have successfully made their beds after a few attempts.
We’ve had a wonderful start to our week away at Arthog (the rain even stayed away and we saw some blue sky). Both groups have completed team tasks and explored the beach.
‘The best thing about today was all the activities and helping each other’ - Eloise
‘This place is awe inspiring. It’s better than a hotel abroad.’ - Trent
‘The food is REALLY good’ – Alfie

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Miss George , Miss McGrath, Mrs Titley and Mrs Clark



Last night we completed the nightline which challenged the groups to follow a hand-rope through a series of obstacles. Mud certainly caused plenty of giggles. Children soon realised that the drying room doesn’t get the mud out!

It was quite hard as we had to make sure that we held the line and also felt around. A few of use kept falling down, it was so muddy!  The stars are really bright here and we saw a lot of the constellations including Orion’s belt and the plough. – Isabelle 

We have had a fun filled day rock climbing:  Miss George’s group explored the beautiful Barmouth slabs whilst Miss McGraths group went and explored the ‘Bothy Crag’.

All children had to work as a group to support each other and hold the rope to ensure their team members didn’t fall. They also had to set themselves a personal challenge such as the distance they wanted to climb, which they all succeeded and surpassed!

It was extraordinary to climb up the massive rocks but also challenging and a bit scary. One part I couldn’t get my leg up. My team members held the rope to make sure I was safe. They gave clear directions and clapped when I achieved it. – Edward

Rock climbing was extremely fun, it was very hard because we had to rely on the person who was holding the rope. Making a fire was really exciting as we made it out of wood and used a bow drill to start it. Once we made the fire, we toasted marshmallows and drank hot chocolate. – Sienna

It has been a fabulous day, with sunshine for the whole day until the minibuses pulled back into Arthog and the rain started.

Miss George, Miss McGrath, Mrs Titley and Mrs Clark



Today will for ever be known as ‘Wet Wednesday’, with the children partaking in not one but two wet activities because when it rains in Wales, you may as well get wet.

Miss McGrath’s group went gorge walking in the morning and then set off canoeing this afternoon. Whilst Miss George’s group were challenged to build a raft to save Miss George and then went gorge walking after warming up with hot soup and a panini for lunch. Both groups got absolutely soaked through and loved every minute.

I really enjoyed the raft building and gorge walking. I found it really funny when I went down the slide whilst gorge walking and ended up going under the water. It was really cold and wet my hair loads, it ran all down my back. I was soaked. -Roisin

I like canoeing best today. First we played stuck in the mud. We had to paddle away from Stuart and if he tapped your canoe three times with his paddle we had to stop and ask for help. At the end some people jumped out of the canoes and swam to the side. I didn’t because it was scary and cold. I had to pull the canoes back onto the lake shore with the help of other people -Samuel

My favourite part of today was gorge walking, I got really wet. We walked down to the beach and jumped over the waves, we got soaked. We then had to walk back up the gorge. There was a waterfall with a deep pool, I got to drift around in the water and we had to lean our heads backwards underneath the water. We got soaked again. What a wet, remarkable day it has been. I want to do it all again. - Henry

Wet, soggy, cold, barely could move – this is how I would describe today. I jumped out the canoe at the end and had to swim to the edge. My wellies were full of cold water and I could hardly move. I couldn’t wait to get back and have warm shower. It was a great day: I got wet! - Luke

Gorge walking was rather scary as you could slip over, it was cold and wet but it was very fun as people were working together and I had to challenge myself. Canoeing was fun and even though I didn’t want to go into the water, Nikki jumped in and knocked the boat over causing me to fall in!   - Millie



Our last full day at Arthog and we haven’t let the rain stop us. We thought that Wednesday was wet but today we were proved wrong. The rain didn’t dampen our spirits and we set off on walks early this morning in the deluge of rain with Miss McGrath’s group heading to Coed y Brenin  for a woodland walk with views of two spectacular waterfalls. Miss George’s group headed to Dol-goch known as the gorge that’s full of mysteries for a walk to a stunning waterfall and exploration down old slate mines.

After we had all dried off and filled ourselves up with lunch, we set off back outside into the rain with Miss George’s group going canoeing and Miss McGrath’s group went raft building.

Arthog is really fun and one of the best places. You get to be more responsible. The best part about the whole week was rock climbing. – Kacey

Slate mines were great. There was one big mine that had bars at the end that opened into big cavern. We went down three mines. There was water on the floor in most. We found a bat that was hanging on the rock. That was pretty cool as they are a protected species just like swans, newts and salamanders. It’s a great experience. We stood still, turned the lights off, it was total darkness!  It was really dark and peaceful. -  Leon

Arthog has been the best week of my life. I have overcome fears and completed new fun activities and adventures that I have never done before. – Jaydon