Home Learning

It’s great to hear that some of you are planning on celebrating world book day at home tomorrow

like we had planned at school. Below you will find a selection of ideas to support you to make 

World Book Day special and encourage reading at home all year round.

There is also a great range of resources online at: https://www.worldbookday.com/resources/

Book review

Write a book review of your favourite book.

See resources attached.

Book Review Writing Frame EYFS & KS1

Book Review LKS2

Story time

Make a den/castle/reading snug, get comfy and read books to each other. You could phone a family member and read them a story too.

Be a Librarian

Set up a library role play or a Book Shop Role Play.

For either task, think about how you can organise your books.

Could you divide them into fiction and non-fiction?

Picture books and chapter books?

How about sorting them alphabetically?

Challenge the librarian or shopkeeper by requesting a specific book or a book on a certain subject.


Book Path

Carpet the floor wall to wall in books or make a line of books into a path that leads throughout the house. Take photographs of your book carpet. Children are sure to locate a forgotten favourite or an unknown book and want to read/hear it in their book nook.

Where have you been caught reading books, magazines, e-books and newspapers?

Take to the Stage

Have a recital; everyone learns or reads a page or two of their favourite book.

Make a stage or a curtain so that it feels more like an occasion

Be a Publisher

Make your own book. Write a story and illustrate it.

Design a front cover. Use your imagination


Act out a scene from a book; recreate an entire scene to get inside a story or create a freeze-frame and take a picture of a moment in time in your chosen story.

Make the tea that the characters are eating, make your house look like theirs, film or photograph your scene. 

Make your own masks or stick puppets.

Authors and illustrators

Listen to authors and illustrators. Find out about new books.

See the list of authors on the website who are sharing their work over the next few weeks.  


Supporting Reading at Home

Authors / Illustrators


Benji Davies                                        EYFS/KS1


Benjii reads The Storm Whale. Subscribe freely to his channel for more stories.


Cressida Cowell                                            (KS1)/KS2 


Cressida reads a chapter a day from How to train Your Dragon



Wizards of Once Series Teacher’s Resources


Free Writing Friday: Cressida Cowell invites you to take part in Free Writing Friday.

Cressida’s aim with Free Writing Friday is to inspire children, once a week, to write whatever they feel like in a designated book and explore creativity.

Here you will find all the resources to support Free Writing Friday including writing tips from Cressida, a letter, FAQs and more!

Cressida will also be offering sessions during school closures – keep on lookout.


Ed Vere                                             EYFS/KS1


Get your pencils ready! Every Wednesday and Friday I'll be posting simple how to draw videos here. 


Harry Potter                                        KS2+


About J.K. Rowling, discussion guides, the books, fun stuff,



Jarrett Lerner                                            EYFS/KS1/KS2


Finish the comic, blank comic book pages, drawing/writing prompts, make your own character, name the gadget

and decide what it’s buttons do etc – loads of fun drawing, writing and imaginative activities.


Michael Rosen                                      EYFS/KS1/KS2


Excellent website. Large number of video masterclasses on how to write, with Francesca Simon (Horrid Henry).

Videos of Michael reading his poems and stories.  Biography.

https://www.michaelrosen.co.uk/radio-tv/  links to his TV and radio appearances.

https://www.youtube.com/MichaelRosenOfficial  Michael’s official Youtube channel, with him reading and acting out his poems and stories.

Free to subscribe.


Nick Sharratt                                             KS1/KS2


Nick Sharratt’s drawing tips.


Oliver Jeffers                                             EYFS/KS1


Via Instagram (@oliverjeffers) every day at 6pm GMT and then archived on his website afterwards.

He will be reading one of his books every weekday, and talking about some of the things that went into making it.

Youtube videos of  some of Oliver’s books and trailers.


Roald Dahl                                          KS1/KS2


Lesson plans, quizzes, biographical information, Dahl’s writing tips, revolting recipes and more.